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The University of Benghazi (UoB) was established on December 15, 1955. It was then named the Libyan University. The nucleus of the University was the Faculty of Arts and Education, which included 31 students, 6 professors and 9 administrative staff members at that time.

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Official Gazette

Pursuant to Article I of the Law No. (8) of 2011 concerning the organization of the Official Gazette The Ministry of Justice Libyan design Website particular the Official Gazette published by the electronic copy of the laws and decisions of the legislature and the decisions and regulations issued by the executive branch and the provisions of international and regional conventions and treaties ratified the legislative branch and the data issued by the legislative authority


The Ministry of Justice - Libya Documentation and Information Center

To keep up with the great technological development in the field of information technology has become the use of computer tangible and clear in all areas of life and must be taken into account. The sector's ability to achieve the benefits and advantages that result from the use of information systems in business depends on how well they manage and organize various actions that have the information and documentation center responsible.


Ministry of Higher Education

Ministry of Higher Education


National Center for Quality Assurance and the adoption of educational and training institutions

Center seeks to application and development of a comprehensive system of evaluation and quality assurance and accreditation of educational and training institutions in Libya in order to develop them to reach the highest quality, competence and excellence levels so that they can raise the level of graduates and research and cognitive activities; and be a gateway and the safety valve for all that enters from the scientific qualifications, to contribute to the achieving the objectives and requirements of development and competition in the regional and international labor markets.